Band Members


Tim Heller : Vocals Guitar

Rex Rekker : Bass & Vocals

Kelly Stodola : Drums

Past Band Member Acknowledgements…


Brian Horwitz: Drums

Jamie Strachan : Drums

Glenn Knowles : Bass & Vocals

David Innes : Bass Guitar

Jett Black : Bass Guitar

Ron Van Raamsdonk : Guitar

Paul Wainwright : Saxophone. On the recording of “You’re on drugs”.

Geoff Stephen : Guitar

C. David Willis : Blues Harp on the recording of “Sparks in the ashes”

Mike Phillips : Drums on "Never Leave it too Late" Album

Mike Kospa : Blues Harp on special events



Tim Heller :

Founder of Rock Voodoo grew up in Victoria and then moved to Vancouver to pursue music.
His first childhood band was “Noisemakers” and his very first "real" band was “Underground” followed by such names as “The Strangers” and “Mojo Filter” which incorporated into “Rock Voodoo”.
Tim has played his original songs at Wreck Beach in Vancouver Canada for many years and has often joined in with vocals and guitar for the Rekkerz as well.
Rock Voodoo has a modern rock flavour with a 60's-70's vibe about it.
A real music history buff, Tim specializes in Rock and Roll plus anything musical from Elvis, Nirvana and Beatles to Hendrix.
Tim is also quite the involved in the film industry as both a lighting technician and has acted in a number of films.
See some of his film accomplishments on IMDB.

Rex Rekker :

Bass Guitar.

Kelly Stodola:

A true classic rock drummer with such roots as John Bonham, Ginger Baker,Neil Pert and others, Kelly seems to always find a heavy beat for whatever song is thrown his way.